What about junked or inoperable vehicles?

The City of Collinsville has a separate ordinance that makes it unlawful to keep an inoperable vehicle in open view upon private or public property. Generally, inspectors look for vehicles on private property that have significant components missing or damaged such as body parts, engines, or tires and wheels. A currently unlicensed vehicle can be considered inoperable by city ordinance. However, as a general rule, there need to be other indications of inoperability, before actions would be taken upon private property. 

Parking such vehicles on the street is cause in itself for action. The street does not serve as a parking lot for vehicles that are physically or legally incapable of being operated. If a vehicle remains inoperable upon public or private property for more than 10 days, it may be subject to towing and impoundment. Vehicle owners or property owners could also be subject to criminal citations.

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