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1. Where is the police department located and what are the hours of operation?
2. How do I report a crime or get police services?
3. How do I file a police report?
4. How do I report a problem with suspicious activity or speeding in my neighborhood?
5. How can I get a copy of a police report?
6. Is there a cost for police reports?
7. Don't you have anything better to do?
8. Does your department do fingerprints?
9. Do you accept unwanted prescription drugs?
10. How do I request a Police Officer to speak to my group or organization?

Contact Us

  1. 106 N 12th Street

  1. P.O. Box 730

  1. Collinsville, OK 74021

  1. Phone: 918-371-1010

  1. Fax: 918-371-1019

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